Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Radisson Resort at the Port, Cocoa Beach

The Radisson Resort at the Port is a very nice hotel.  We stayed there prior to our cruise.  I booked it online and got my bonus Club Carlson points.  

We flew into Orlando, and had a service drive us to the hotel.  When we checked in, one of the guys gave us a room upgrade and moved us closer to the lobby since we did not drive.  He gave us a free breakfast coupon and 2 free drink coupons.  

When we went to our room, it was a nightmare trying to roll our luggage over their cobblestone walk ways.  Every walkway was cobblestone.  We had a very long and tedious walk to get to our room and we were very tired trying to pull our luggage across the cobblestone.  It was not fun by any means.

I saw a lady fall when her heel got stuck in a groove on the cobblestone.  The cobblestone was a horrible choice for the walkways.  It is on every floor level too.  

The breakfast buffet at the hotel was a joke.  It was $10.50 per person! Luckily I had the coupon for 1 free breakfast which significantly lowered our cost.

We went in and the eggs had been on the warmer so long they were dried to the pan and brown.  ICK.  None of the food was really edible.  It had all been sitting out for hours.  The waiter a guy with longish curly brown hair got our juice for us and went to cut up with the other staff at the register.  

Our juice sat empty while they played and talked.  The food was never replaced on the warmers.  It was just awful.  Finally the waiter offered to bring us some more juice.  He brought an apple juice bottle from the kitchen to fill our glasses.  

We paid $10.50 plus tax for both of us to sort of eat breakfast.  Wish we had just gone across the street to McDonalds.  I bet the others wished the same thing who ate there.  

Would I recommend this resort? I would not due to the cobblestone nightmare of trying to roll luggage to the room.  Other than that it is a great hotel with a very nice swimming pool and hot tub.

The food nightmare could easily be avoided by not eating at the hotel.  

This hotel is very nice, but the cobblestone needs to be removed and replaced with normal sidewalks.
Due to the sidewalk issue, I would have to give this resort a thumbs down.  Other than the cobblestone issue, I like this hotel.  

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