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Disney Dream Cruise

January 2, 2013
4 Night Bahamian Cruise

We did a family cruise with our 4 teens on the Disney Dream and LOVED it.  This was my second time on the Disney Dream (the first one was the Inaugural Cruise in January 2011- just me the travel agent) and the first Disney Cruise for my family. 

When I cruise, I always talk to other cruisers of all ages inquiring about the number of cruises they have done and which cruise line they liked best etc.  As a travel agent, I like to get a wide variety of input and opinions to better help my clients.

Our teens as well as my husband and myself have been on quite a few cruises, so of course I asked our teens what they thought of the Disney Cruise versus the other cruises we have done.  Not surprisingly, they all agreed the Disney Cruise was FAR above any other cruise they had done in all aspects:  food, teen club, activities, atmosphere, hot tubs, and pools.  

I guess I was most surprised by our oldest, Tyler who is 19 and soon to be 20.  He said the Disney Cruise was by far THE BEST cruise he had done.  He really loved the large adult only areas.  He especially enjoyed the adult pool and hot tub area.  He also liked Serenity Bay at Castaway Cay.  :)

The food choices are amazing especially for lunch on the Lido! Shrimp, crab legs, lamb chops, and you name it! The food quality was far above other cruises.  The rotational dining makes dinner a lot more fun and interesting.  

We rarely saw our other teens who spent most of their time in the teen club.  Our only rule is that they show up for dinner.  They loved their own smoothie bar, private pool, and pool deck.  The teen club is a haven for the teens.  

The Tween Club and kid's clubs are like none other.  There is so much to do all the time.  

The fact that the Disney Dream has the Wave Phones for each stateroom to use made staying in touch so much easier! Being able to text among the family was a real winner.  Having them with us on Castaway Cay was great!

The family loved that the soda was included in the cruise for everyone.  I hate having to pay extra for soda on a cruise.  

While a Disney Cruise is a little pricier than some of the other cruises, you get what you pay for.  You are treated like royalty.  Disney will bend over backwards to correct any problems and to make things right.

The kids are much more controlled on the Disney Cruise.  They are not running wild and taking over the hot tubs like on some other cruises we have been on.  They are not allowed in the adult only areas and this is monitored carefully.

Disney has many more adult only areas than other cruise lines, and the Disney Dream and Fantasy has two adult only restaurant choices.  The rooms are significantly larger than other cruise lines.  The split bathroom makes getting ready much easier for multiple people.  

As for the people I interviewed about cruising, one couple in their 60's had cruised 39 times.  When asked what cruise line they thought to be the best (and they had cruised on the Queen Mary, Princess, and Cunnard) they both agreed that Disney was their favorite even without their grandchildren.  They were on this cruise without any grandchildren.

I noticed that the smoking areas were better contained and the drinking was not wild like on other cruises.  You didn't see staggering drunks or adults grinding on each other which was a nice change.  

Would we do a Disney Cruise again? YOU BET!!! We already have one booked for 2014.  We give the Disney Dream a THUMBS UP!

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